About Us

Do you live in Overland Park, and looking for an Independent Insurance Agent?

At Tier One Insurance, we make your needs our priority. As an independent insurance agency, we offer you a comprehensive network of “A”-rated, admitted carriers. This allows you to choose from a variety of competitively priced insurance products to fit your needs. The long-term relationships we build with you mean you’re not just covered for now; we’ll be there to help and offer solutions in the future, too.

Why Tier One Insurance?

We take a “Client-centric” approach at Tier One Insurance and our first priority is to understand your needs and goals. With more than just one insurance carrier to choose from, we can tailor your insurance policy to maximize both your coverage and your savings, without sacrificing your protection.

Bringing Value to Our Clients Is Of the Utmost Importance

  • Whatever your needs – home, renter’s, auto, business, farm, life, health – we offer a full range of products.
  • As your independent insurance consultants, we work with you to determine your best fit in a policy.
  • We do the legwork: we analyze and compare a large variety of products to find the best combination of coverage, service and price for you.
  • As your goals change, you can adjust your coverage without switching agencies. Our working relationship with a large variety of carriers translates to more choices – all under one roof.
  • Customer satisfaction is the key to our livelihood. Whether we’re helping you understand your coverage options or filing a claim, we work for and with you – you’re a person, not just a policy number.
  • At Tier One Insurance, we are licensed professionals with strong customer and community ties.
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